The new pattern for water entrepreneurship – Branding for cewas | Lebanon

The new pattern for water entrepreneurship – Branding for cewas.


Through organic growth and achievements, cewas evolved from a dedicated water and sanitation entrepreneurship programme in the beautiful city of Willisau in the heart of Switzerland to a global company that worked in more than 40 countries across the globe with more than 300 entrepreneurs. cewas’s services were unmatched in the industry, but its corporate identity did nothing to convey this and was doing little justice to the cause.

The challenge

We partnered with cewas with a common goal to create a brand that celebrated cewas’s proficiencies: ecosystem development, knowledge and training, entrepreneurship support, in a simple, compelling way that refine the complexity of cewas’s offers across all its touchpoints.

The process

As we crafted the letter mark logo, we focused on Water, cewas’s core business, from there we chose to differentiate the «W» letter from the rest, by making it rounder around the corners as it suits better to the natural motion of a water waves. The soft green signifies life, renewal, nature, energy and environment. While the dark blue color chosen for the «W» represent cewas’s proficiencies as it evokes feelings of security, trust and dependability as well it gives a professional feel. We chose minimalistic colors, strong typography, simple elements and a distinct brand story to align with the personality of cewas. Yet our journey didn’t end here, we continued our work with cewas, by building a brand-new website extending the brand’s new look, feel, and voice online. Strong brands have strong cultures, made up of people who understand how their behavior shapes a brand and impacts its audience. Launching cewas was not just an exercise in visual identity and marketing. It was also an opportunity to transform the face of water entrepreneurship and help create social and environmental impact.


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