Bebranding, Website, social media handling for Paklayan Printing Press | Lebanon

Standing out in a crowded category—rebranding project for Paklayan.


The way your brand presents itself to the world has everything to do with the success of your business. Today’s consumers, especially Gen Z, the largest generation demand more authenticity and transparency from the brands they interact with. So if your brand identity is out-of-date or unequipped to meet these new demands, even the best marketing strategy may fail to reach your audience. After 47 years in the printing industry Paklayan printing press needed to define its true value and claim its unique position as a leading printing company in the market.

The challenge

At creative couple, our job was to design a fresh new brand identity for Paklayan helping them stand out for the competition, and then create a new website experience that communicate their values and role as a leading print provider and highlights their accomplishments and strategies for the future.

The process

To make Paklayan stand out in the B2B space, we designed a bold, colorful identity to match its dynamic vision. the new logo connects the letters of Paklayan, each letter looks overlapping each other symbolizing the family business where all members worked together, helping the business go beyond expectations by combining powers. The new look also invokes its heritage and significance with all-caps, large lettermark logo. While the color represents energy, passion strength and action. We started with the website, using a prototypical process involving the client in building the creative idea with an iterative journey approach, focusing on having a deep understanding of the users, what they need, what they value, their abilities, and also their limitations, while expressing the values of the new brand. Armed with a clearly established business strategy, a new brand story, website and visual identity, Paklayan will continue to conquer new markets by providing great quality printing products and authentic reliable services to their customers, for a maximal satisfaction.


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