Books Design for Entire East Publishing firm | Lebanon

Book design and its influence on the reader


We love designing books. We’re a firm believer in the power of design and the fact that it affects purchasing decisions not just in obvious ways, but also on a subconscious level using emotions. We worked with Entire East (Saer Al Mashrek) a well-known publishing company on designing several books each with its own identity.

The challenge

The main challenge in books design is creating a brilliantly designed book from the cover to the layout and illustrations with the audience and story in mind.

The process

Before we start designing a book, we always ask many questions starting with; who’s the author? Are they young and upcoming or well-known and trusted? What’s the book about? What’s the type or genre? is it a horror story, romance or biography?
Seeing the book’s cover is often the first and only chance the audience has of finding and reading a book. Think of it as an extension of the marketing plan for the book, the most important element of the story, the thing that makes it unique and help a reader select the book. We crafted each book cover keeping in mind what design will appeal to each kind of audience with illustrations that preview the story and make it interesting to tempt readers to open the book. Although the cover of a book guides the readers to buy it, the interior will make them decide whether they will actually read it or not. Therefore, the style of the illustrations, the colors, the typography design of every page within the book, are carefully chosen by our designers to suit the story and add a magical air to the readers.
The key is to embrace the expected and find a way to create something surprising and new. It’s the only way to communicate with your readers. You’ve got a message for them, a story to tell, or ideas to spread. That’s what’s important.