Brand Identity, Marketing and Communication materials for Medispharms Products | Lebanon

Ancient Inspiration Meets Modern Innovation: Medispharm's Brand Identity Transformation


We partnered with Medispharm, a leading pharmaceutical distributor in the Lebanese market, for a comprehensive rebranding to solidify its position as an industry leader. After analyzing the market, target audience, and brand assets, we developed Medispharm's new identity, which combines ancient influences with a modern, innovative approach. The logo features a capital Phoenician letter "M," symbolizing Medispharm as a stable, effective presence in a constantly changing world. The tagline, "Enhancing Life," reflects the company's human mission and commitment to providing healthcare solutions with a personal touch.

The Objective

The challenge was to create a simple, appealing brand identity that resonated with a broad audience and aligned with a modern aesthetic. The goal was to establish a brand with its own personality, reflecting qualities such as elegance, simplicity, gentleness, and security.

The Strategy

We began by defining the core identity and brand positioning, which required understanding Medispharm's place in the market and its relationship with competitors. We explored the functional and emotional benefits the brand offered customers, leading to the development of a graphic identity that conveys a human touch. To emphasize the emotional aspect and evoke feelings of comfort and security, we incorporated design elements that were delicate, endearing, and visually strong.

The Impact

The timeless fusion of Phoenician influences with a modern, innovative approach has helped Medispharm effectively connect with customers, emphasizing its commitment to enhancing life through exceptional healthcare solutions. The new brand identity successfully captures the essence of the company, allowing it to stand out in a competitive market and pave the way for future growth and expansion into other categories.


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