Brand Identity, Marketing and Communication materials for Medispharms Products | Lebanon

A brand with personalities; Branding project for Medispharm


In the past we’ve partnered with Medispharm a well-known pharmaceutical distributor in Lebanon market for a complete rebranding to cement its position as a leader in the pharmaceutical industry.
After a thorough analysis of the market, the target and the brands assets, the result is the Medispharm you see today, an ancient yet innovative visual identity. The logo consists of a capital Phoenician letter “M” that identifies Medispharm as an effective stable point in a changing world. The tagline --enhancing life-- speaks the healthcare solutions provided with a human mission and a persona to match the human face of the company.
Since then our partnership with the company went further, we worked on many different projects, including our favorite baby food supplements collection Medis-cal and Medis Fer Forte.
Inspired by the gentle and wonderful personalities of babies we care so much about, we helped Medispharm creates Medis-cal and Medis Fer Forte a new baby care collection.

The challenge

We were asked to create simple and attractive brand identity and packaging that clearly spoke with a children’s visual language but that also fitted in with a new modern look. The main goal was to create a brand with its own personality, consistent with the product quality standards and conveying its own attributes: elegance, simplicity, gentleness, security.

The process

We started with the strategy by defining the core identity and brand positioning. To help appropriately identify and position a brand, we needed to understand where it stands in the marketplace and in relation to its competitors. We needed to understand the functional and emotional benefits this brand provides to customers. Afterward we created a graphic identity for both: Medis-Cal and Medis Fer Forte that is clearly human, and in order to underline the emotional nature of the brand which needs to transmit comfort and security feelings, we created a family of animal characters, very delicate and love inspiring. These illustrations were created especially for this collection to make its packages visually stronger but emotional and relatable at the same time.” With the double objective of identifying the two sub-ranges of the product and of demonstrating the character of the full range all achieved, we created a flexible mega brand that allows this collection the freedom to expand into other categories.


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