Complete rebranding, website design and development & stations design for Fleur De Lys catering| Lebanon

Introducing a new brand strategy and visual identity for Fleur De Lys


A new brand inspired by the idea “Story of perfection”, an invitation to consider Fleur De Lys from a new point of view. “Story of perfection” aims to unlock Fleur De Lys’s unique stories and secrets.

The challenge

Our client’s ambition is making Fleur De Lys the most preferred catering company in Lebanon and middle east. And they were committed to making it happen.
This goal inspired us, so we took on the challenge of defining what Fleur De Lys stands for and how to make it the first choice for all weddings and events catering.

The process

Created by creative couple and launched in Lebanon, the future-focused position showcasing the new brand, offers an immersive brand experience utilizing innovative ideas and design thinking to bring the brand to life.
creative couple has considered all aspects of the brand experience from digital to environmental and visual to verbal. The brand mark comprises the Fleur de Lys Icon to reveal the company name, which symbolize life, perfection and light.
The brand positioning, identity are an invitation to attract audiences to consider Fleur De Lys from a new point of view and discover its untold stories. To create an authentic story of perfection-powered brand experience, we built a new website to capture the audience attention and generate an evolving visual expression that reflects the company’s vision.