Brand Strategy, Identity, Website, Content Creation & Social Media Handling for Massoud | Lebanon

A new concept store that aims to give a new experience to gentleman’s needs


Founded in 1960, Massoud wholesale was built on the belief that tobacco is one of life’s greatest experience —deserving the world’s finest care. When Massoud wholesale’s history of excellence grew further and deeper they turned to creative couple to help claim its uniqueness and carry their passion over to uncharted territories with a new concept store of premium liquors and quality cigars for which they select nothing short of the finest collection.

The challenge

The main challenge was that Massoud wasn’t known as a trendy destination; it was known for wholesales. But there’s so much more to see! To unlock its new potential, they needed a recognizable brand that would attract people.

The process

At creative couple, our job was first to create an innovative new brand, including the company name, strategy, core corporate identity, website and many more to follow. We started from a strategic point of view, how we will build, shape and share the brand using a prototypical process involving the client, Aka target audience, who they are, what they care about, and the problem they need solved. Our discovery led us to the brand idea “A gentleman’s world”, we used this idea to inspire the entire brand experience. Starting with the visual identity, a tangible representation of the brands name “Massoud”, is illustrated in a geometric suit shape letter M logo, —using copper as a primary color showing finesse, power and masculinity, making the whole look and feel of the brand easy to understand.
Our work didn’t stop here, we extended the brand idea across the new website and all social media channels, bringing Massoud concept store to life With this new look, Massoud is ready to bring its story to the Lebanese market, while helping beginners and inspiring aficionados.


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