Brand Strategy, Identity, Website, Content Creation & Social Media Handling for Massoud | Lebanon

Massoud's Transformation: A New Concept Store for the Discerning Gentleman


Founded in 1960, Massoud Wholesale embraced the belief that tobacco is one of life's finest experiences, meriting exceptional care. As Massoud's reputation for excellence expanded, they sought to explore new avenues with a concept store featuring premium liquors and a curated selection of high-quality cigars.

The Objective

To transition from a wholesale destination to a sophisticated retail space, Massoud needed a recognizable brand that would attract a discerning clientele and redefine their image.

The Strategy

Our approach at creative couple involved developing an innovative brand, encompassing the company name, strategy, core corporate identity, website, and more. We employed a prototypical process that included the client and target audience, focusing on their preferences, concerns, and problems they needed solved. This exploration led to the brand idea, "A Gentleman's World," which inspired the entire brand experience.
We crafted a visual identity with a geometric suit-shaped letter "M" logo, representing the Massoud brand name. The primary color, copper, conveys finesse, power, and masculinity, making the brand's look and feel easily understood. Our work extended to the new website and social media channels, aligning them with the refreshed brand identity.

The Impact

With this sophisticated new look, Massoud is set to introduce its story to the Lebanese market, catering to both novices and aficionados alike. The transformed brand image positions Massoud as a trendy, upscale destination for discerning gentlemen seeking premium liquors and quality cigars, unlocking the company's potential and driving growth in new market segments.


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