Branding for Fanart Printing Company – New Logo and website | Lebanon

Embracing Change: creative couple and Fanart's Collaboration for Market Leadership


creative couple joined forces with Fanart, a marketing and digital printing solution company, to lead the evolution in print and digital communication. With a history of industry leadership, Fanart is renowned for its speed and quality in printing solutions. By combining a disciplined and strategic approach with their extensive knowledge, creativity, flexibility, and professional teamwork, they ensure businesses are promoted and visible according to their high standards.

The Objective

As market opportunities expanded, Fanart needed to adapt to the changing industry and collaborate with us to redefine its position as a leading digital printing company capable of bringing any print marketing idea to life.

The Strategy

creative couple focused on innovation to craft a new identity, visual system, unique selling proposition (USP), website, and brand manifesto to help Fanart reintroduce itself in the market. The new identity captures the adaptability and flexibility of the digital printing era. Derived from three rectangular forms that present an uppercase letter "F", the Fanart name is reinforced, while communicating speed and quality. The USP, "Digital Marketing Solutions," represents the comprehensive digital printing services Fanart offers to enhance businesses' engagement with potential customers.

The Impact

The revamped identity, visual system, USP, website, and brand manifesto effectively position Fanart as a leading digital printing company in the rapidly evolving market. By embracing innovation and adapting to industry changes, Fanart can continue to meet the diverse needs of clients and maintain its reputation for delivering quality, speed, and comprehensive digital marketing solutions.