Website Design and Development for SIC| Digital Communication Services | Lebanon

creative couple & SIC designing a tactile website experience


creative couple brand strategy and design firm and SIC hotel amenities and restaurant commodities once partnered to create a new brand positioning, verbal and visual identity that reflects its innovative variety of products. Today creative couple also joined SIC for the second time to illuminate the company figure in a new, innovative and modern website design and development.

The challenge

Our goal was to create an appealing website design and development that enable clients to find SIC’s products and get in touch with the company easily.

The process

After many sessions of brainstorming, design thinking and hardworking by our team of designers and developers working together with our UX and UI experts and not to forget our SEO specialists, the website was created from scratch to achieve an appealing innovative, modern, easy to use and search engine friendly website. SIC’s website created by creative couple increased the company profitability by its’ enhanced customer experience with clear and simplified system and increased engagement with potential clients.
Raymond Boutros CEO of creative couple design company: “We work to make brands better and clients prouder”.




mario daou