Booklet Design for Abaad non-Profit Organization & New Health Concept | Lebanon

Booklet design for Abaad non profit organization and New Health Concept.


New Health Concept is a pioneering company in the field of health. It works on providing services related to public and individual health topics for all public and private institutions and sectors. Its work revolves around providing consultations, and assistance in implementing projects, training and education through seminars and training courses and publishing all kinds of books and publications related to health.

The challenge

Through team collaboration we worked with New Health concept to create a new booklet design for Abaad non profit organization - resource center for gender equality.

The process

We started by understanding the purpose of this booklet, what’s it for? Who are we communication with?
Than we began sketching concepts and brainstorming creative ideas. When it comes to booklets, it’s all about the design. A unique and clear design will compele your audience to start reading. So we kept it simple, less is always more. The booklet must reflect the organisation’s existing personality and nothing more. It’s about communicating effectively and reflecting the company’s ideals creativly. We translated all these ideas and information into the booklet and developed appealing graphics to express it and rich toppings which make up the remaining of the design.
This booklet created for Abaad aim to spread the health education culture of the displaced and refugee and prevention of disease and accidents. Supporting its orgazination purpose to devote gender equality, promote sustainable economic and social development in the Middle East and North Africa.


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