We are very pleased to announce that this is the fifth-year anniversary of creative couple brand strategy and design firm – it was on September 2013 that we first announced ourselves and started the process towards becoming a full design company!
Today, just 5 years later, creative couple is completely up and running and we are doing our very best to change the world by pushing the boundaries of innovation and design on an emotional level.

Blending History:

To briefly overview what has been achieved in the 5 years – we announced ourselves on September 2013, we started working as a full design and production company, we launched our web design and development department on Jan 2014 and followed up by our digital marketing services in 2015, we introduced our new logo and website in 2017 where we officially became a brand strategy and design firm.

Since the beginning creating emotional connections was our main ritual, and till this year we are always working on enhancing our connection with the world on an emotional level.

We are all Heroes:

creative couple is a social workplace open to relations, ideas and knowledge exchange. We are integrated in a unique voice, made of many voices that every day all contribute to bring new value to our company. Our achievements are the results of collaboration and integration, in which we are all protagonists.

A vision to the future:

And as we grew furthermore, the majority of our work will continue to be brand strategy and design thinking. We’re committed to creating emotional connections through design and dedicated to providing leading innovations and solutions for today and the future.

Who we are:

We are the brand strategy and design firm, based in Lebanon. From startups to established brands, creative couple create emotional connections through design using both of traditional and digital media in order to create long-lasting brands.

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