Lebanon (2017) – Medispharm, one of the leading producers of pharmaceutical products in Lebanon, partnered with creative couple the brand strategy and design firm for a complete rebranding of its tabletop sweetener Sucralosa brand. The goal: to better express the brand’s essence and values, while giving more visibility to its packaging on crowded market shelves.

Sucralosa is Medispharm’s factory brand, bearing the name of its main ingredient Sucralose. To rebrand Sucralosa, creative couple worked with the Medispharm communications and ownership teams to develop a brand strategy highlighting the exceptionality of its business model and the accuracy of its product.  Sucralosa is a brand that has many positive elements and values to express. The main challenge was positioning just one into focus and communicating it in a way that links straight to the consumer benefit: a healthy and authentic everyday product.”

We based the creative concept for Sucralosa’s packaging and visual identity on the spontaneous experiences and shared relationships that occur while enjoying Sucralosa’s sweet taste. The logo crafted from two uppercase letters and plus sign CR+ represent the chromium element found in Sucralosa that regulate blood sugar, and helps insulin transport glucose into cells, where it can be used for energy, also appears to be involved in the metabolism of carbohydrate, fat, and protein. Creative couple developed a visual identity and package design for Sucralosa guided by the company’s founding values, which express contemporary, experienced, and authentic. Sucralosa now have a persona that match the human face of the company Medispharm.

About creative couple

We are the brand strategy and design firm, based in Lebanon. From startups to established brands, creative couple create emotional connections through design using both of traditional and digital media in order to create long-lasting brands

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