Creative Couple the brand strategy and design firm partnered with hospitality products and Services Company SIC, for a complete rebranding to create a new identity for the company that reflects its innovative variety of products.

SIC history in hospitality supplies excellency gave it the opportunity to become a leader in the market. With continues learning, hard-earned experience and advances in technology, SIC has enhanced their ability to provide sophisticated design assistance in formulating
licensed amenity programs and products.

sic brochure

But following years of intense competition SIC needed Creative Couple vision and innovative expertise to help reclaiming its uniqueness, and to reaffirm its position as a category leader. SIC’s new identity, tagline, visual system, brand manifesto, website crafted by Creative Couple insure an iconic, unique and innovative reintroduction to the market. Born of two uppercase letters and a key icon representing the I letter that resembles to market gate to experienced and professional client management.
The new tagline -your key to convenience- speaks confidence in delivering customer best experience.

sic catalogue

About SIC

SIC is a proud owned business that has been known for providing the luxury hospitality market with a broad range of branded high quality sustainable guest amenities, with a huge professional and innovative heart beat. Since opening our doors in 1992, we have grown the business with a global mindset.
Today SIC is honored to have long term client relationship with leading hospitality brands across the globe.
Lebanon is our home and it is fundamental in shaping our unique culture. It provides a stunning backdrop that motivates different thinking and inspires a refreshing can- do attitude.

About Creative Couple

Creative Couple is a Beirut based full service design agency that creates emotional connections through identities, books, websites, infographics and objects for clients, audiences and ourselves. We provide unsurpassed service and outstanding products that,
together, deliver premium value to our customers through Bravery, Humanity, Quality and Innovation.

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