The Lebanese publishing house publisher of “Science belong to Us” partnered with creative couple the brand strategy and design firm to create a successfully designed book cover, layout and illustration for its six science textbooks collection.

“Science belong to us” is a collection of six science textbooks in English and French edition, intended for the elementary education learners. This collection adopts a pedagogy and didactics based on a strategic constructive approach. As we previously done the first three textbooks “edition 2017”, now we’re adding the finishing touch to the rest of the collection edition 2018.

Creative couple started the process of designing the cover and layout by asking questions, reading the manuscript and researching the targeted audience and competitive titles. The strategy of creative couple design team consists on developing a significant look that could work for all the collection and motivate students to learn by its creative layout.

The 6 main “science belong to us” books are visually tied up together, along with the design of the covers that convey the tone of the books, whisper hints without giving it all away, and excite students into actually opening up the book and learn. Creative couple made sure the book layout is consistent with the cover design, striking colors, typographically attractive, readable and engaging. As our creative director always said: Yes, books are! judged by their covers.

About creative couple

We are the brand strategy and design firm, based in Lebanon. From startups to established brands, creative couple create emotional connections through design using both of traditional and digital media in order to create long-lasting brands

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