Creative couple the brand strategy and design firm partnered with Mr. Faisal Ghazi to help develop a corporate brand identity for his new nightclub OMNIA, located at Lebanon, in blueberry square Dbaye, Beirut areas.Drawing on initial consumer insights, we concluded that the nightclub will be holding live performance shows, therefor we wanted to achieve a brand combination between a so cutting edge and classy club at the same time.

We wanted to develop a brand strategy highlighting the exceptionality of this nightlife experience offered by “Omnia”. After many work sessions with our client and through a series of research and interpretations, we decided to give the brand a modern twist, playing with the tension between new and old, fast and slow, hot and cold.

Omnia means prepared for all in English and wishes in our mother language tongue, so we created the brand identity design to combine the two meanings, starting from A to Z (logo, menu, business cards, placemats, staff uniform…)  we made sure that every aspect of brand reflects our unique and creative touch into Omnia


Omnia offers an elite nightlife experience inside the blueberry square dbaye, Beirut area. Omnia goes above the rest by offering not only an incredible venue design, and futuristic lighting, but also a group of the most talented live performance music artists of all genres to party with you, from the top international electronic and dance music DJs, to the artistic live bands singers and of course not to forget our international cuisine and sushi bar, Omnia takes Lebanon partying nightlife to a whole new Level

About creative couple

We are the brand strategy and design firm, based in Lebanon. From startups to established brands, creative couple create emotional connections through design using both of traditional and digital media in order to create long-lasting brands

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