14 Nov 2017

We have a new brand and website

Technology and design styles change quickly and so too our business strategy and process that helps us better understand our clients in order to create a better partnership. It is important that our brand figure remains current with our new business strategy that’s getting the most out of the new online opportunities available.Changing our identity and website design was one step further to our goal and strategy of thinking. Obviously the aim when re-branding our identity and redesigning the site was to enhance our connection with the world on an emotional level.

Old VS new Logo

We have a new way of thinking now and it’s all based on strategy.  We help our clients by determining what to make and do, why do it and how to innovate contextually, both immediately and over the long-term. This process involves the interplay between design and the business strategy that we offer.Having that really impressive designed logo and clear website layout created by our passionate team help give our customer exactly what they are looking for and captive their minds and eyes in only few seconds.

What is creative couple

We are a brand strategy and design firm based in Lebanon. From startups to established brands, creative couple create emotional connections through design using both of traditional and digital media in order to create long-lasting brands‍

Why the name creative couple

The Co-founders Raymond and Mireille Boutros, started as two university colleagues studying graphic design, who partnered together in life and business, named the company creative couple you can obviously know why.Being first-time entrepreneurs, and way out of our league in most cases. we like to think that this made us better. we had to learn it all on the fly and do it all the hard way. This allowed us to be original and create something completely unique.

What changed with creative couple

“design thinking is our strategy for innovation”

Just as we grew into becoming creative couple, our mind set evolved. The majority of our work will continue to be brand strategy and design thinking. By design thinking we can solve problem creatively, it’s our strategy to innovation. we’re now using a broader experience design lens with the research, strategy, creation and validation stages of our process.Our way of thinking has changed, as to our vision, mission and values. We’re committed to create emotional connections through design and dedicated to provide leading innovations and solutions for today and the future.

“positive emotions are what drive us forward”

By understanding our clients’ actions, behavior, culture and communications, we create a long-lasting innovative brand strategy connected to the world on an emotional level that can’t be ignored.

As a result, we’re able to impact the human experience in a more touchable emotional and holistic way. It’s been an incredible journey. Thanks for all your support over the past years and here’s to many more!

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